Rules and Regulations for 2014

1. Entry shall be limited to one (1) play per School, at the discretion of the Festival Organising Committee.

2. An entry must consist of a one-act play, or an excerpt from a full length play, which is in itself intelligible to an audience not acquainted with that play from which the excerpt is taken; or, an original play written by a pupil of the school, for the express purpose of presenting it at this Festival.

3. Any cuts to the play as written, must be clearly indicated on each of the four scripts submitted to the organisers.

4. Neither RAPS nor any employee of the Festival will be responsible for obtaining the performing rights for any or all of the plays to be presented. This is the responsibility of the School presenting such play. No play shall be permitted to be presented without RAPS being given proof that such rights have been granted.

5. A play shall have a minimum of two speaking parts, all of which shall form an integral part of the play as written.

6. The minimum playing time of the play shall be twenty (20) minutes, and the maximum playing time forty-five (45) minutes. A five (5) minute period of grace will be given to plays running overtime, during which one (1) mark will be deducted for every thirty (30) seconds exceeding full time, (up to ten (10) marks), after which the play will be disqualified.

7. One and a half (1˝) hours of rehearsal time, at the theatre, will be afforded to each entry. Times and dates must be strictly adhered to.

8. In producing the play, learners may have the assistance of one member of staff. In this event, the extent and area of assistance must be specifically stated in the programme details. With the exception of this teacher, all those involved in the production of the play must be bone fide students of the school.

9. On the night of the production, only the specified teacher will be permitted backstage, but NOT ON Stage.

10. The stage must be set in five (5) minutes and struck (cleared) in five (5) minutes. Marks will be deducted for exceeding this time limit. A two (2) minute period of grace will be given, during which time one (1) mark will be deducted for every fifteen (15) seconds over time (up to a maximum of eight (8) marks). After this time, the play will be disqualified, at the discretion of the Festival Stage Director.

11. Goods (sets, décor, and properties) may NOT be stored at the theatre between rehearsal and performance dates. These must be removed from the premises after the performance on the night of the performance.

12. Entrants must provide a STAGE MANAGER, a SOUND OPERATOR and a LIGHTING TECHNICIAN to liaise with the FESTIVAL STAFF.

13. THE ADJUDICATORS will judge using a score sheet which will be sent to the school with the ADJUDICATORS’ written appraisal of the play, at or about the close of the Festival, (please allow some time for the mail).

14. THE ADJUDICATORS, as in any competition, may not be approached either in person or in writing - either before, during or after the performance of the play. Such approach will be deemed an infringement of the RULES. If you find it necessary to make representation, this must be done through members of THE RAPS TRUST, or via The Festival Committee to the TRUST. This applies equally to pupils, teachers, parents, and supporters of the school.

15. An ENTRY FEE is payable for each entry, which fee will be set from time to time in accordance with the current economic climate. This fee must be paid by Friday 11TH APRIL 2014

16. Each entry must include the following for registration:

The completed Online Registration Form.

The Licence/Performing Rights document.

The completed Motivation Cover Sheet or a Letter of Permission to perform the play.

Director's Written Motivation.

A Poster. The poster competition will be marked independently of the play competition.

A Script

The Entry Fee of R750.00




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