The RAPS Trophy

Only one school every year has the honour of lifting the RAPS’ trophy up as the winner! Here are some facts about this special trophy:


·         It was designed by famous Johannesburg sculptor Herman Wald (1906-1970).


·         Wald is known for designing the striking Holocaust Memorial in West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg, as well as the much loved bronze sculpture of an Impala Stampede: seventeen impala in a graceful arch over a fountain. Today, the impala sculpture can be found outside Anglo American’s offices in Main Street, Johannesburg.


·         The trophy was commissioned in the 1960s by then-sponsor BP


·         After being mothballed for a while, the Trustees brought the trophy back into use in 1991, with BP’s express permission


·         The large wooden base and brass ring were added and the names of all the previous winning schools were engraved on it to commemorate its re-introduction.


·         An exact copy of this trophy exists in pewter, somewhere in the Johannesburg Civic Theatre! If anyone has seen it, please let us know!

  The RAPS Winners Trophy









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